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In an extraordinarily rare move, Senate Republicans said that Sen. Elizabeth Warren had breached Senate rules by reading past statements opposing Jeff Sessions from figures such as the late senator Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and the late Coretta Scott King. Feb. 7, 2017. (C-SPAN)

In an extraordinarily rare move, Senate Republicans said that Sen. Elizabeth Warren had breached Senate rules by reading past statements opposing Jeff Sessions from figures such as the late senator Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and the late Coretta Scott King. Feb. 7, 2017. (C-SPAN)

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell , bless his heart, has coined a new feminist rally cry.

“Nevertheless, she persisted.”

He used it to rebuke Sen. Elizabeth Warren , D-Mass., who read past statements from the late Coretta Scott King and the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., during a debate Tuesday night over attorney general nominee get to buy Free send Hot 2018 spring new style Korean Fine heel heel high shoes female round head waterproof table single shoes shop for online collections online JQtk0DXt42
, an Alabama senator.

“He is, I believe, a disgrace to the Justice Department and he should withdraw his nomination and resign his position,” Warren read, quoting remarks Kennedy made in 1986 when Sessions was nominated to be a federal judge.

McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, called foul, saying, “The senator has impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague from Alabama.” And that set up a vote on her conduct. Warren's fellow senators backed McConnell's rebuke by a vote of 49 to 43, which means Warren isn't allowed to speak during the rest of the debate over Sessions.


“Sen. Warren was giving a lengthy speech,” McConnell explained. “She had appeared to violate the rule. She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

There it is.

Three little words that women can draw on for decades to come, when something needs to be said and, darn it, we plan to say it.

When we’re being talked over in meetings. When we’re fighting to be heard in male-dominated fields. When we’re standing up for our values. When we’re doing valuable work and people reduce us to our appearance.

Senate Republicans passed a party-line rebuke Tuesday night of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., for a speech opposing attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions, striking down her words for impugning the Alabama senator's character.

In an extraordinarily rare move, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.,...

One of my favorite Michelle Obama quotes is contained in Peter Slevin’s excellent biography, “Michelle Obama: A Life.” It’s in response to the public’s obsession with her looks, which all too often veered into shallow (and sometimes cruel) territory.

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How America got its name

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Getting Started Lists of Recommendations Search Patient Resources Marni Exclusive to mytheresacom – Embellished leather sandals clearance popular fuc9z
, Geriatric Health Checkups

When you need them—and when you don’t

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Like many people, you may schedule a yearly checkup or “annual physical” with your doctor. It usually includes a health history, physical exam and tests.

It is important to have a regular doctor who helps make sure you receive the medical care that is best for your individual needs. But healthy people often don’t need annual physicals, and they can even do more harm than good. Here’s why:

Annual physicals usually don’t make you healthier.

For your physical, your doctor may order tests, such as blood and urine tests, or an electrocardiogram (EKG).

Sometimes, these tests are ordered for healthy people who have no risk factors.

There have been many studies of the effects of these annual checkups. In general, they probably won’t help you stay well and live longer. And usually they don’t help you avoid hospital stays or keep you from dying of cancer or heart disease.

Tests and screenings can cause problems.

Most people should only have a test or screening if they have symptoms or risks factors.

One problem is getting a false-positive result. These false alarms can cause anxiety, and unnecessary follow-up tests and treatments. For example, a false-positive blood test can result in a biopsy. An EKG that is not interpreted correctly may lead to another test that exposes you to radiation. Or you might get a procedure that has a risk of heart attack or death in two patients for every 100 who get the test.

Avoid unnecessary costs.

The U.S. health care system spends $300 million a year on unnecessary tests that are ordered in annual physicals. Billions more are spent on follow-up tests and treatments.

Set a schedule with your doctor.

When you have an exam, your doctor:

Usually your doctor can provide several kinds of care in one visit. For example, you may get a flu shot when your doctor sees you to check how your new blood pressure medicine is working.

If your doctor wants to schedule an annual physical, you can ask if it is necessary. Or ask if you can wait until you have a problem or are due for a test (such as a Pap smear or blood pressure test).

So when do adults need a checkup?

You may need a checkup:

It is also important to see a doctor if you haven’t had health care in a long time. It is best to have a trusted doctor you see regularly.

What about preventive care?

Preventive care is important. Having a regular doctor helps you get preventive care.

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